Flush-mounted speakers

Flush-mounted speakers

flush-mounted speakers

In-wall flush-mounted speakers are ideal to improve your home’s acoustics without compromising aesthetics. Being thin, these speakers can be installed directly into the wall, which makes them virtually invisible.

One of the advantages of in-wall flush-mounted speakers is that they are extremely versatile and can be used in different rooms inside your house, such as in your living room, bedroom, or even home cinema.

Aesthetic speaker covers can be customized to perfectly match your home’s decor. In addition, in-wall flush-mounted speakers can be used as design elements in their own right, creating a unique atmosphere in your home.

Garvan Acoustic is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality in-wall flush-mounted speakers.

In-wall flush-mounted speakers are generally a perfect solution to improve your home’s acoustics without compromising aesthetics. With a customizable design and the quality of made-in-Italy products, Garvan Acoustic’s in-wall flush-mounted speakers are an excellent choice for those wishing to improve their home’s acoustics.

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