Made-in-Italy sound-absorbing panels

Made-in-Italy sound-absorbing panels

Sound Absorbing Panels Made in Italy by Garvan Acoustic: Ecological Innovation for Acoustic Control

In the world of acoustic control, Garvan Acoustic’s Made in Italy sound absorbing panels represent excellence in the field. Made from recycled polyester fiber from plastic bottles, these panels combine environmental sustainability with superior acoustic performance.

Features of Polyester Fiber Panels

These panels are distinguished by:

  1. Eco-Sustainable Materials: The polyester fiber is derived from recycled plastic bottles, reducing environmental impact.
  2. Quality and Durability: With a density of 60 Kg/m³, these panels offer exceptional strength and longevity.
  3. Special Finishes: Garvan Acoustic offers unique finishes like Materica CEMENT™ and Materica WALL™, adding a touch of style and originality.

Pannello acustico Garvan Acoustic

Health and Safety Benefits

Unlike rock and glass wool, polyester fiber does not release fibers and dust, making the panels safe and easy to handle without the need for additional protection.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, cinemas, theaters, music and educational rooms, these panels significantly improve the acoustics of environments.

Garvan Acoustic’s Made in Italy sound absorbing panels are the ideal choice for those seeking an ecological and stylish acoustic solution. Combining acoustic quality, safety, and environmental respect, they significantly improve the quality of the environments in which we live and work.

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