Partition panels Area

Close, but safe: AREA™ partition panels guarantee a comfortable and safe environment. Manufactured in plexiglass or sound-absorbing polyester fiber, these protective panels feature the exclusivity of a Made in Italy design and tailor-made manufacture.





A pleasant, protected, never uncomfortable partition: the protective and sound absorbing room dividers AREA™ are the ideal solution for offices, restaurants, and public places. They allow the remodeling of spaces according to the specific needs, guarantee respect for safety distances, thanks to a minimal design and the reduction of background noise.

Light and tailor-made protection for every environment: AREA™ protective partition panel allows several people to stay in the same environment, guaranteeing social distancing, and personalized planning of spaces. AREA™ protective partition panel ensures a safe and comfortable environment that does not hinder visual interaction and conversation between people. Area is available transparent or in sound-absorbing material

There is a fine line to guaranteeing a silent, safe, and comfortable environment: the protective and sound-absorbing room divider AREA. Its elegant and discreet presence eliminates the background noise and allows personal interaction avoiding physical contact. Bespoke design, Italian craftsmanship, and attention to detail allow it to be installed on the wall or ceiling, improving at the same time the overall acoustic quality of the environment.