Micro Subwoofer

Micro Subwoofer

A space-saving steel subwoofer with a power of 100 W RMS/200 W MAX is a great choice for music lovers looking for sound quality and compactness. The robustness of steel ensures a deep and rich sound, suitable for both music and home cinema.

Design and Materials

Its small size makes it perfect for limited spaces, allowing it to be easily placed under or next to furniture without compromising the room aesthetics.

Subwoofer Micro (3)
Subwoofer Micro (2)

Audio Quality

In addition, the 100 W RMS/200 W MAX power is enough to fill a small room with powerful and defined bass, making it ideal for movies, music and video games. The technology packed in this subwoofer is designed to integrate seamlessly with other audio devices, thus making it easy to create a customized home theatre system.