Collection [LOTO]

Like the most beautiful flowers of a garden, the [LOTO] loudspeaker collection by Garvan is an enriching touch to the finest outdoor spaces.

Designed for your outdoor spaces

The [LOTO] loudspeakers are designed for outdoor installation and feature an essential and geometric design, optimised fixing solutions for swimming pools, parks, terraces, verandas, also in Corian and a in a wide choice of finishes.

Superior outdoor listening experience

This means that we approach every aspect of the designing and building with the aim of delivering a superior sound performance outdoor. The sound is natural, light and spreads in all directions minimising the number of speakers required, thanks to the acoustic lens and the maximum ratio between power and size. Garvan-designed loudspeakers are 100% Made in Italy and feature state-of-the-art electronic components. Plus, every and each loudspeaker is individually tested.