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The Project

The uniqueness of Art and the universality of Technique merge to create the quintessence of Made in Italy: Garvan Art™ is the first collection of numbered, sound absorbing artworks by Garvan Acoustic®. The excellence of the acoustic performance is uniquely shaped into the masterpieces of this collection created by the emerging artist Maria Savini.
The common thread that connects each work to the others is sound propagation and the connections it creates in each of us and between one another. A sound becoming physical and tangible in the dense and intense brushstrokes of the artist from Faenza. An element as inevitable as the deep emotions it generates.
The result of a patient and meticulous study conducted on surfaces, finishes and chromatic materials by Maria Savini, the collection consists of acrylic paintings on polyester fibre, sound-absorbing panels of the Surface® series, with MatericaCEMENT™ and MatericaWALL™ finishes.


Too often sound-absorbing elements are conceived as unattractive, yet necessary solutions allowing to make the acoustic comfort of an environment acceptable. Such solutions are something we need, yet – for aesthetic reasons – we would prefer to hide from view.

Garvan Acoustic® transforms this paradigm, aiming at a sound experience that both pure to hear and beautiful “to see.” All the sound-absorbing collections in the catalogue move in this direction and Garvan Art™ leads this search for beauty to its radical conclusions: the technical product becomes a work of art, while becoming the acoustic and essence of the environment in which it is treasured.


sound-absorbing panels

The sound-absorbing material used in Garvan Acoustic products is polyester fiber, derived from the recycling of PET plastics normally used in plastic bottles. The density of the Garvan Acoustic polyester fiber is 60 Kg/m3, optimal to obtain an acoustic absorption coefficient and a frequency range above average. The surface of the material undergoes multiple treatments and smoothing processes, for a pleasing effect and to accommodate the special Materica Cement ™ and Materica Wall ™ treatments. Unlike rock wool and glass wool, polyester fiber does not release fibers and dust, it can be handled without wearing gloves and a mask and it does not irritate skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. One of the main features of polyester fiber is its resistance to humidity, making it a good choice for its use in damp environments.




Maria Savini is an emerging artist from Faenza who, despite her youthful age, has been studying the most varied techniques of figurative art since childhood. She is self-taught and has always been inspired by her mother Mascia, also an artist, who mentored her as she matured in her artistic work. While devoting much of her research to pencil drawing (in a realist and – in her future intentions – hyper-realistic key), Maria Savini is nonetheless attracted by the versatility and materiality of acrylic painting, which she explores through intense, impetuous, almost three-dimensional strokes. Among her most recurring subjects is the exploration of the harmony of the female body, of which she loves to reproduce distinctive details such as eyes, hands, lips.

«Producing a series of works of art that also serve a technical function – explains the artist – was a stimulating challenge. Before starting to create the pieces for the Garvan Art™ collection, I decided to conduct a meticulous study of the materials, which lasted about three months. In this way I was able to evaluate various aspects concerning the surfaces (the high-density polyester fibre of which the panels consist of comes entirely from the recycling of plastic bottles, ed), the technique and the kind of colours I could use, as well as non-secondary features such as humidity and weather resistance of the finished panels. The technical results I obtained were very encouraging: the layer of acrylic paint even ended up optimising the sound-absorbing performance of the original panel».


Starting from this technical study, the artist then moved on to the creation of five pieces, two of which with a vertical rectangular format 60x120cm, two in a circular shape with a diameter of 90cm, plus a fifth panel reinterpreting the Garvan Acoustic company logo. As mentioned above, the subjects of the pieces are human beings in relationship with the propagation of a sound wave that moves in different directions, creating connections that range from an invitation to listen, to create more intimate connections and to a personal introspection.

The ordered artworks represent the chosen subject but are each an original product handmade by the artist. The differences are to be considered a feature of value and uniqueness. Works in limited edition of 20 pcs.

Name: Sound Immersion
size 60x120x4 cm
Name: Sound Immersion
size 60x120x4 cm
Name: Sound Check
size Ø90×4 cm
Name: Vibrazioni
size Ø90×4 cm
Name: Garvan
size 90x53x4 cm




Conceived to be part of an exhibition, these works of art also cover a second but no less important function: to open new scenarios in the panorama of acoustic solutions, to inspire the choices of architects and designers, even to seduce – why not? – collectors, as an invitation to make Garvan Art™ the extra ordinary choice towards a conception of the designing of spaces in which unique beauty is the core of every action.
An unprecedented process, in which the uniqueness of the work of art can be accompanied by its reinterpretation commissioned from the artist. Or new masterpieces, specially conceived together with the artist, reshaping the concept of product customization. Or again – of course starting with different premises and logics – the reproduction of the works themselves, in a limited and numbered series.





Buying a work of art is also a form of investment that can prove to be very convenient over time. To enhance this possibility, as well as the uniqueness of the masterpiece and the signature of the artist, Garvan Acoustic® has chosen to link each work with its own NFT (non-fungible token), which represents the deed of ownership and the imprinted certificate of authenticity on blockchains. It is a sort of permanent certification of the history of the work. This will be given as a gift to every purchaser of Garvan Art™ works. «I love this approach, where the uniqueness of the piece of art becomes part of the digital world – comments the artist Maria Savini -. I find the claim of the authorship in the universe of the non-tangible fascinating»

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