Active subwoofer

Active subwoofer


An active subwoofer is a specific loudspeaker for the reproduction of low frequencies. It features a built-in amplifier, which makes it easy to install and use. It also enables the subwoofer to reproduce sounds in a precise and controlled way.

Active subwoofers can be used in different situations. They are particularly suitable for listening to music and for home theaters, where low-frequency sound effects, such as the sound of an explosion or the roar of an engine, need to be reproduced accurately.

An active subwoofer can also be used for gaming, where the precise reproduction of low-frequency sounds can enhance the experience and make it more immersive.

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There are several options for the configurations which feature active subwoofers. One of the most common is placing them near the main speakers to obtain a uniform sound reproduction over the whole frequency range. However, it is also possible to place them in other parts of the room, so you can personalize the sound according to your needs.

In any case, an active subwoofer requires correct calibration and configuration to offer the best performance. It is important to choose a quality subwoofer to ensure accurate and reliable sound reproduction.

In conclusion, an active subwoofer is a specific loudspeaker for the reproduction of low sound frequencies. Thanks to the integrated amplifier, it is easy to use and offers precise and controlled sound reproduction. It is particularly suitable for listening to music, for home theater and for gaming. To offer the best performance possible, it requires proper calibration and configuration.

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