Intervista Hiddenwires Magazine
29 January 2022
Hiddenwires interviews Garvan Acoustic

“Hiddenwires”, the British magazine interviews Garvan Acoustic about his point of view and know-how on outdoor audio. Browse the Gallery...

Decoration and Design
28 January 2022
Garvan’s Loudspeakers on “Decoration and Design” magazine

“Decoration and Design” magazine celebrates the elegance of Garvan speakers on some dedicated pages that illustrate, in particular, a Home...

Collection Celeste in Retail & Food magazine
03 January 2022
Our collection Celeste in Retail & Food magazine

Retail & Food magazine dedicates space to the collection "Celeste" by Garvan Acoustic, emphasizing its aesthetic care and ease of...

Ceotech for Garvan
12 September 2020

The Italian magazine, that completely deals with technology, talks about our speakers in this detailed article. Diffusori Garvan: Il...

12 December 2018
Magazine : Match Music Magazine

An article in the music magazine “Match Music Magazine”, Hi Tech section.

05 December 2018
Magazine : Living Room

An article in the interior design magazine “Living Roome”.

05 December 2018
Magazine : Digital Home 2008

An article in the technology magazine “Digital Home”.

05 December 2018
HC Home Comfort & Cinema
05 December 2018
Magazine : Ville e Casali

An article in the furniture magazine “Ville e casali”, Home comfort section