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Engineer Luca Ricci has chosen the in-wall and outdoor loudspeakers by Garvan in his article dedicated to the best domotic projects making use of invisible and innovative Hi-Tech technologies.

KITZ: The elegant aura of Goccia

«An aura of elegance» spreading in the environment and «conquering ears and eyes»: the German magazine KITZ, dealing with topics like lifestyle, fashion, living and events, was charmed by the finess of our Goccia, which they describe as the meeting of «fine craftmaship» and «high technology».


«Abitare», a reference magazine for the design, art and architecture industry, features in the issue 560 a review on Garvan’s SIC316 acoustic loudspeakers: «with different sizes and different performance features these loudspeakers fit perfectly into the wall and can be given a personalized finish. Created for hometheatre installations, they reproduced the atmosphere and the sound...

Technology for everyday life, Garvan’s solutions on HC

Technology for everyday life, Garvan’s solutions on HC The November edition of Home Comfort & Design devotes a rich shooting to easy-to-use hi-tech solutions in a modern-design house: «In the large living room you will immediately notice the two Garvan drop-shaped loudspeakers. They are the highlight of a completely customized system, in which all the...

Home Comfort & Design

The technology integrated in the interior design of a modern apartment or in the 50 rooms of a big villa can be easily controlled by a single touch of a button: in both cases, Garvan’s products are the stars of the photo service of the magazine HC Home Comfort & Design.


Sound and light are shaped together. The Swiss style magazine encore! dedicates the opening of the October issue to the sophisticate blend of sound and light waves. A photo service where lamps and loudspeakers are intertwined in a technological approach based on flowing forms, having as a protagonist the ceramic drop-shaped loudspeaker GocciaTM by Garvan....