Acoustic modular panels Rail™

Rail™ acoustic modular panels are part of the collection Acoustic Solution. The collection is the result of 15 years of constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.

Stop the noise, amplify the charm: Acoustic modular panels Rail™ by Garvan Acoustic® are the new frontier of sound-absorbing systems. A modular solution that combines the robustness and lightness of minimalist metal support bars with the sound-absorbing performance of polyester fiber slats.

The intuitive and extraordinarily versatile assembly of the components allows Rail™ to shape elegant and unexpected views, designs playing with perspective, waves, and visual rhythms. Its 60x120cm modules generate “living” decorations, as limitless as the creativity of architects and interior designers can go, offering every room endless possibilities to combine acoustic comfort and visual appeal.

The modular acoustic panels reduce noise and reverberation generated in indoor environments, thus allowing guests to have clear and undisturbed conversations. Thanks to the wide choice of finishes available and the maximum integrability of Rail™ with audio and lighting systems, the acoustic pleasure merges with the visual appeal. Each environment is thus transformed in an unrepeatable design experience.

The Rail™ polyester fibre slats combine lightness and resistance to excellent sound absorbing properties. Simplicity, practicality and rapidity of assembly is what is offered to every acoustic designer, even in rooms with large surfaces.