On-Wall Without Compromise

On-Wall Without Compromise


The design of a high-performance outdoor on-wall speaker requires special care concerning weather elements and sound quality.

Robust and Stylish Design: The choice of steel as the main material for the acoustic enclosure offers superior resistance to outdoor weather conditions. The steel finish protects the speaker from the elements while also giving it a modern and elegant look, adapting perfectly to any outdoor environment.

Exceptional Sound Quality
Despite the challenges presented by outdoor conditions, this speaker guarantees a high-quality sound reproduction. Thanks to first-choice audio components and an advanced acoustic design, this speaker offers deep and detailed bass, balanced mids and crystal clear highs, ensuring an immersive listening experience in any outdoor space.

Versatile and Secure Installation
This speaker is designed for simple and safe on-wall installation. The robust mounting system ensures that the enclosure remains firmly anchored to any external surface, from concrete walls to wooden panels, ensuring both safety and flexibility in installation.

Resistance to Weather Conditions

Stainless steel ensures resistance to rain, snow, humidity and temperature changes. This feature is essential to ensure a long product life even in adverse weather conditions.