Passive soundbar SX908

The passive soundbar offers a superior listening experience and can be connected to any high-quality Home Theatre amplifier, in order to obtain an audio performance far superior if compared to traditional soundbars.
Collection [CORO]

passive soundbar SX908 Garvan Acoustic


Type: Left + Center + Right
Power RMS/MAX (W): 90 + 90 + 90 / 180 + 180 + 180
Dimensions HxWxD (cm): 11,0 x 120,0 x 7,6


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Minimal design and endless customisation possibilities

Timeless design and steel structure accompanied by various and elegant finishes, colours and customisations solutions of the passive soundbar.

Premium listening experience

We approach every aspect of the design and building with the aim of delivering a superior sound performance: light sound, natural, relaxing, and realistic acoustic scene.  That’s why we only choose state-of-the-art electronic components. Our passive soundbar is completely designed and manufactured in Italy and tested one by one.

Easy installation and superior versatility

Regardless of budget, size of the environment, type of mounting technology (wall, ceiling or on furniture or shelves), and listening experience and performances (stereo, multi-room, home theatre), [CORO] speakers represent the right solution for every need and are extremely easy to install.