SA115 Gress Marble Effect

SA115 Gress Marble Effect


In the world of high-quality audio, a new star is shining, especially in the outdoor speaker industry. We are happy to introduce a revolutionary outdoor speaker offering a 360-degree sound experience, a masterpiece of design and engineering, made of Gress with a surprising marble effect.

A Technological Jewel

This technological jewel is designed to blend perfectly with the elegance of outdoor spaces, thanks to its marble-effect finish that adds a touch of style, while integrating harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The choice of Gress, known for its robustness and weather resistance, ensures that the case maintains its aesthetic beauty and functionality over time, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

360° Sound

But it is the ability to spread the sound 360 degrees that really sets this speaker apart. Through an innovative acoustic design, it is able to produce a uniform and enveloping sound in all directions, ensuring a complete and immersive listening experience, regardless of the listener’s position.

Any Time, Any Place

This feature makes it ideal for outdoor parties, events or simply to enjoy music in your garden, terrace or any open space. Whether it’s classical, jazz, rock or electronic music, this speaker offers an excellent acoustic performance, with deep bass and crystal clear highs, faithfully reproducing every note.