WA216 Active

Micro WA216 Subwoofer – Active

Compact-sized active microsub with an output of 100 W RMS / 200 W MAX. It represents an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality sound without bulk. The steel frame gives it solidity and makes it ideal for music lovers and those who want an immersive home cinema experience.


Speaker Ø (cm) 1x 130 mm excursion woofer + 1x 160 mm passive radiator
RMS Power (W) 100
Maximum power (W) 200
Frequency response (Hz) 40 – 150
Dimensions H x W x D (cm) 23.0 x 21.0 x 23.0
Weight (Kg) 6.5


Due to its compactness, this subwoofer can be easily placed in limited spaces, such as under a cabinet or next to the sofa, without altering the aesthetics of the room. The sturdy design ensures durability, while the elegant appearance fits into any environment.


With an output of 100 W RMS / 200 W MAX, this subwoofer can fill a room with deep, well-defined bass. Perfect for movies, music and video games, the active subwoofer delivers high-quality audio output, helping to create a custom home theater system. Its advanced technology enables easy integration with other audio devices, making it simple to set up a customized system.


Its power makes it suitable for multiple uses, whether for listening to your favorite playlist or creating a cinematic atmosphere at home. In addition, the steel imparts strength, ensuring a stable and long-lasting audio experience.


The subwoofer is designed to integrate seamlessly with other devices, making it easy to set up a sound system tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are a music lover or a cinephile, this active subwoofer is a reliable choice.