diffusore da giardino Garvan SN120

Garden subwoofer

with optional LED light WN120

The WN120 is our first outdoor subwoofer with LED light. In fact, its structure is based on that of its “brother” SN120. Like the other diffusers in the collection [LOTO], it combines design and weather resistance.

diffusore da giardino Garvan SN120


Models: 8 ohms & 100 V
Diffuser Ø (cm): 1×20.0
Type: Pneumatic suspension
RMS/MAX power (W): 200 / 400
Speaker size AxLxD (cm): 62.5 x 26.0 x 26.0


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Available colors



Created for your outdoor spaces

LOTO diffusers are made to be installed outdoors and are characterized by an essential, geometric design. Fixing is optimized for swimming pools, parks, terraces, verandas. Diffusers can be made of Corian and in a wide choice of finishes.


The product cabinet consists of exposed cement formulated with a special amalgam that gives the artifact a textural appearance that is always unique and unrepeatable.
The material formulation is the result of careful selection of high-performance binders and natural aggregate elements that are extracted from massive rock quarries later crushed and finely screened.
The forming process of the cement mixes that make up the product were obtained using only electricity obtained from renewable sources.

Weight 28 kg.

Superior outdoor listening experience

Each speaker is designed and built with the goal of superior audio performance. The sound is natural, airy and spreads in all directions, minimizing the number of speakers needed, thanks to the acoustic lens and the maximum ratio of power to footprint.In addition, the electronic components are state-of-the-art, the speakers are designed by Garvan and made in Italy and tested one by one.


Made of materials resistant to the harshest weather conditions such as rain, sun, frost and saltiness. The WN120 garden diffuser has a timeless appeal, accompanied by a 3+1+1-year warranty on all components.


In addition to the standard white, green, and gray finishes, the WN120 diffuser can be made in Corten® effect upon request, thus satisfying every customer desire and need.

LED light

Illuminate the sound with the optional white or RGB LED light. In addition to ‘actual lighting, the LED light in the WN120 garden subwoofer fills the rooms with special light effects, decorating and marking the walkway in an elegant and refined way.

LED color temperature white: 3000K
Power: 12 W
Power supply: 24 V