27 August 2019
Hotel Clarion Oslo

In occasione di EICMA 2018, Ducati si affida a Garvan Acoustic per regalare ai visitatori l’esperienza di un Puro Suono...

29 October 2018
Palazzo Victoria, Verona

Palazzo Victoria, Verona Palazzo Victoria, Verona  This luxury hotel, located in the heart of Verona, is greatly enriched by the...

29 October 2018
Hotel Palace, Merano

Hotel Palace in Merano Italy  Sound design by Garvan at the Hotel Palace in Merano, Italy Garvan speakers confirm to be...

29 October 2018
Litoraneo Suite Hotel, Rimini

Litoraneo Suite Hotel, Rimini Enjoy your Made in Italy vacation with Garvan loudspeakersThe concept of made in Italy has always...

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