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08 September 2023
The Goccia speaker on Mediaset Infinty

The Goccia speaker enriches the set of the TV series "Il Patriarca" available on Mediaset Infinty, The Patriarch is an...

08 September 2023
The Goccia Garvan in “Una Commedia Pericolosa”

Don't miss Enrico Brignano as Inspector Mao and the Goccia ceramic speakers in "Una Commedia Pericolosa", at the cinema from...

Diffusori Goccia nel film Cassamortari
04 April 2022
«I cassamortari»: Goccia speakers on Prime Video

Goccia ceramic speakers are back on the big screen with Claudio Amendola's new film: «I cassamortari». The exclusive Garvan Acoustic...

30 December 2021
Special appearance of Goccia in the series “Il bello delle donne”

The beauty of women ... a few years later. Goccia made a special appearance in the well-known Italian TV series...

13 December 2021
The Outdoor and Goccia loudspeakers by Garvan in the film “Il campione”

  The Outdoor and Goccia loudspeakers by Garvan are once again protagonists on the big screen in the film "Il...

13 December 2021
“The invisible witness”: featuring Goccia

  "The invisible witness" (“Il testimone invisibile”): a film by with Riccardo Scamarcio and Goccia, the ceramic speakers by Garvan...

Goccia Garvan a Sconnessi
13 December 2021
Goccia speaker by Garvan stars in Italian movie “Sconnessi”

The Goccia ceramic speaker by Garvan appears on the big screen with «Sconnessi», a film by Christian Marazziti with Fabrizio...

Diffusori Goccia nel film Forever Young
10 December 2021
Goccia speaker among the protagonists of “Forever Young”

Among the protagonists of «Forever Young» features also the Goccia speaker by Garvan Acoustic, in the Red shade finish. The...

Goccia nella serie Set Up Girls
09 December 2021
Goccia starring in the TV series “Set Up Girls”

Goccia ceramic loudspeakers give sound to the rooms and form the backdrop for "Set Up Girls", the five-part engine program...