An unparalleled sound experience at Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

An unparalleled sound experience at Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

SN115 in Corian® at Atlantis The Royal

In the exclusive setting of Atlantis The Royal, one of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels,elegance and quality come together in an unprecedented experience. Prominent among the countless amenities offered to guests is attention to detail, including attention to sound. That’s where our SN115 speakers from Garvan Acoustic come in, whose design perfectly combines high-quality audio performance and luxurious materials.

Made from Corian®, a material renowned for its weather resistance and timeless elegance, SN115 speakers are distinguished by their beauty and sturdiness. This combination of sophisticated design and superlative audio performance makes them an ideal choice for an exclusive setting such as Atlantis The Royal.

Thanks to their sonic power and clarity, each musical note fills the air with unparalleled richness and depth, turning every moment into an unforgettable experience. Whether guests are relaxing by the pool or enjoying a moonlit dinner, the impeccable audio provided by Garvan Acoustic speakers helps create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication that characterizes the experience at Atlantis The Royal.

The product

The 360°SN115 garden speakers, enhanced in Corian®, are designed for outdoor listening and architectural placement. With their minimalist design and maximum power in the smallest footprint, they enrich even the most sought-after outdoor spaces. The 360-degree, natural and airy sound provides a superior listening experience.

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