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7 October 2022
How to set up loudspeakers at home

The designer Federica Zama of M'AMA Interni + shares her experience in Italy and abroad of how people experience music at home and how loudspeakers can be arranged. Discover the...

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6 October 2022
Garvan sound-absorbing panels to reduce the noise in your office

Reduce the noise in your office in style with Garvan's sound-absorbing panels. You can choose the high-resolution graphic printing that best matches the room. Learn more on Garvan Acoustic's sound-absorbing...

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5 October 2022
360° outdoor speakers in the medieval town of Brisighella

Garvan's 360° outdoor speakers adapt to any outdoor environment, even to one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy - Brisighella! Learn more on Garvan Acoustic's 360° outdoor speakers

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4 October 2022
Sound-absorbing panels with Materica finish

The special Materica finish, available in a wall or concrete effect and made internally in our factory, gives the sound-absorbing panels a unique and trendy look. Explore Garvan Acoustic's sound-absorbing...

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3 October 2022
Audio integrated in the room with Garvan’s in-wall flush-mount speakers

You love music, but you don’t like having a house full of speakers? Garvan in-wall flush-mount speakers are the perfect solution to have quality audio that is completely integrated into...

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1 October 2022
Outdoor speakers to listen to music even in colder temperatures

In outdoor spaces, furniture and design are getting increasingly more important. For this reason, Garvan has created a line of speakers for terraces, swimming pools and gardens, whose design is...

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30 September 2022
The benefits of music and sound in yoga classes

Let’s find out what benefits you can get by integrating sound and music into yoga classes. Melissa Ceroni, a yoga instructor at InSinergia Studio Olistico & Yoga Faenza - Brisighella,...

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29 September 2022
Perfect meeting rooms with Garvan’s sound-absorbing panels

Is there such a thing as a perfect meeting room? Garvan's sound-absorbing panels make your meeting room comfortable and remove any annoying reverberation. Video calls and in-person meetings will be...

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28 September 2022
Rail™ by Garvan Acoustic: the new frontier of sound-absorbing systems

The modular acoustic panels Rail™ by Garvan are the new frontier of sound-absorbing systems. A modular solution combining the robustness and lightness of minimalist metal support bars with the sound-absorbing...

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27 September 2022
Music has never looked so good

The Goccia loudspeaker in Faenza ceramic elegantly adapts to any environment. Music has never looked so good. Learn more about the GOCCIA collection by Garvan Acoustic

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