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1 June 2021
360 ° acoustic speaker with integrated LED light

On the market there are many solutions for all budgets and for all ears. We at Garvan are proud to offer the SN120 speaker model with integrated LED light,  designed...

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pannello fonoassorbente Garvan Surface Pattern
27 May 2021
Printable patterns for sound absorbing panels

Printable patterns are available on our sound-absorbing panels. The pattern is a design that can be repeated, in this case, a panel with this type of print can be placed...

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Innovazioni Apple Music- Garvan
25 May 2021
Apple Music: High Resolution Sound

Apple Music will offer its subscribers high-resolution lossless audio, with the additional features of spatial audio and Dolby Atmos support. The Spatial Audio feature attempts to recreate the feeling of...

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Garvan Sound absorbing Panels
23 May 2021
Sound absorbing panels: high quality by Garvan

Each sound-absorbing panel is special for us, we take care of them individually to ensure the best quality possible.

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22 May 2021
Garvan’s elegance in the medieval hamlet of Brisighella

The SA115 outdoor loudspeaker matches perfectly the beauty of Brisighella. Find out more!

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outdoor speaker SN 120
17 May 2021
Relaxing by the sea with Garvan’s loudspeakers!

We already are looking forward to going to the sea and relaxing on the beach with some good music in the background! Beautiful installation of SN120 outdoor loudspeaker by our...

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30 April 2021
Dolby Stereo SR in 50 s

Dolby Stereo SR, which stands for “Spectral Recording”, is a multi-channel audio standard used mainly on 35mm motion picture films. Dolby Stereo SR is the evolution of Dolby Stereo where...

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la storia del premio oscar_Garvan
25 April 2021
The history of The Oscars

The statuette was designed by the then artistic director of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Cedric Gibbons. The original model was sculpted by George Stanley, a Los Angeles artist. It is the oldest and...

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How is a Goccia speaker manufactured?
6 April 2021
How is a Goccia speaker born?

How is a Goccia speaker born? It is the result of the care of skilled artisan hands that follow its entire path. Find out more!

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diffusori da esterno SN115 garvan
5 April 2021
Garvan’s SN115 speakers: fill the garden with music

Our SN115 outdoor loudspeakers can't wait to fill your gardan with top quality music! Find out more!

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