Built-in speakers for false ceiling

Built-in speakers for false ceiling


An obligatory solution for sounding very large rooms and public places, built-in speakers for false ceiling offer an enveloping sound even in private residences.

How should the loudspeakers be positioned in the room to obtain an enveloping and uniform sound? Find the solution to this enigma by looking above your head… In fact, built-in speakers for false ceiling represent a real Columbus’s egg to provide the best sound for a large variety of different rooms. Let’s see why.

built-in speakers for false ceiling


In this case, the choice of in-ceiling speakers is mandatory for a thousand reasons. First of all, the distance between the acoustic emission and the listener is always the shortest: while walking through a huge exhibition hall or a supermarket in all its extension, visitors maintain a constant distance from the ceiling, often free from physical obstacles: the false ceiling – beyond concealing cables, fixings and all sorts of technical systems –is therefore the best position to create a pleasant acoustic carpet in the entire area without stands, shelves or refrigerators impacting the listening experience. It would be impossible to achieve the same conditions with in-wall speakers.

The same consideration applies to bars, pubs, clinics, offices, and gyms: the false ceiling allows for widespread acoustic comfort, with the pleasant effect of not perceiving where the emission comes from. Conversely, think of a restaurant with loudspeakers on the wall: in order to be able to bring sound to the entire room, there would be the risk of having tables where the decibel level is excessive and disturbing.

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Although not all homes are equipped with a false ceiling, there are many solutions for an audio system which integrates ceiling speakers.
In addition to placing the speakers in the plasterboard (you can see some of them here), if there is a possibility to drill holes without compromising the system’s stability, another option is choosing a solution designed for masonry.

The speakers in the false ceiling can be used on their own (especially if mainly intended for listening to background music) or along with wall or suspended units, when we would rather achieve an enveloping sound with great dynamics, in cases such as intentionally listening to music, watching a movie or gaming in home theatre mode.

Even with their thinness, considering they are sometimes only a few centimetres thick, these speakers can provide exciting performances (such as those you can watch here ). It is necessary to choose the right products and certainly contacting a trusted installer for the right advice is a good idea.

The choice of built-in speakers for false ceilings may also be the right one for those who are preparing to design a home system but are also “afraid” of overly invasive masonry work: the constructive versatility and very small dimensions offered by plasterboard for false ceilings and false walls allow the creation of suggestive and acoustically effective architectural solutions.


It is worth spending a few words on the aesthetic reasons for choosing «music from above». If until the 90s the trend was to place audio systems with a “muscular” design in full view, so as to recall their power, today the direction is quite the opposite: to hide even the most refined technology from the eyes and let our ears do the rest.

However, the addition of aesthetic finishes – practically unlimited for some models and series – allow you to take other paths, supporting the work of architects and designers: it is possible to “camouflage” the speakers on the walls or have them interact with the colors of the furnishings. A third possibility is to couple them with lighting and home automation through custom solutions, sometimes supplied by the manufacturers themselves (for reference, see the photo gallery with some of Garvan Acoustic’s past projects: a restaurant in Imola restaurant, a tennis club in Bologna, etc.). In short, your imagination is the limit.
In any case, the best results are achieved by letting the installer carry out the acoustic project. If you are incurable do-it-yourself lovers, at least keep reading our articles: we will try to provide you with useful information on how to get a high-quality sound that lives up to your expectations.

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