Pannelli fonoassorbenti con pattern
08 April 2024
Decorative acoustic panels: Innovation, aesthetics and sustainability

In today's interior architecture and design scenario, the focus on room acoustic comfort is merging with the growing need for...

pannelli con diffusore acustico per controsoffitto Quadra
08 April 2024
Elevate Your Space with Garvan Acoustic Ceiling Speakers

Discover Garvan Acoustic outdoor speakers: weatherproof, Italian-designed and perfect for any outdoor space, including poolside

08 April 2024
Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Garvan Acoustic offers several sound-absorbing ceiling solutions, each with specific features to suit different types of environments and needs.

13 November 2023
Sound-Absorbing False Ceilings

Sound-Absorbing False Ceilings: An Elegant Solution for an Acoustically Comfortable Environment In today’s context, looking for efficient noise control solutions...

14 July 2023
Transform the acoustics of your meeting rooms

Transform the acoustics of your meeting rooms with Garvan Acoustic sound-absorbing panels Meeting rooms are the beating heart of many...

28 December 2022

Sound Absorbing Panels @ MAERSK BROKER The architectural solution designed for the offices of the Greek branch of Maersk Broker,...

28 December 2022

Sound Absorbing Panels @ TOP - TEMPORARY OFFICE PISTOIA Hexagonal panels in black and light brown fabric of the AtelierTM...