subwoofer attivo Garvan WAE121
19 October 2023
What is the Amplified Subwoofer

Amplified Subwoofer: What is it and why do you need it? Audio world is vast and fascinating. Despite making a...

14 July 2023
Garvan Acoustic Audio Amplifiers

Garvan Acoustic Amplifiers: Superior Performance and Made in Italy Design for Your Subwoofer and Home Entertainment Garvan Acoustic offers a...

active Subwoofer Garvan
22 March 2023
Active subwoofer

WHAT IS AN ACTIVE SUBWOOFER AND WHAT IS IT USED FOR? An active subwoofer is a specific loudspeaker for the reproduction of low...

difference between active and passive subwoofers
22 March 2023
Differences between active and passive subwoofers

Differences between active and passive subwoofers When we talk about subwoofers, we often refer to the “active” and “passive” categories....

in-wall subwoofer Garvan WIR216
22 March 2023
In-wall subwoofers

In-Wall Subwoofers: Innovation and Design in Harmony with Your Space In the modern era of high-quality audio, Garvan Acoustic's in-wall...

Micro subwoofer WA113 Garvan Acoustic
22 March 2023
Home subwoofers

Home subwoofers Subwoofers are loudspeakers designed to reproduce the low frequencies of audio signals. Thanks to their ability to create...

Subwoofer Garvan Acoustic
03 August 2022
A refined piece of furniture: Garvan’s Subwoofers

Can a Subwoofer also be a piece of furniture? Clean lines and quality materials make Garvan subwoofers perfect for any...

subwoofer incasso muro Garvan WIR116 passive subwoofer
12 May 2022
Passive subwoofer

WHAT IS A PASSIVE SUBWOOFER AND WHAT IS IT USED FOR? If you are a music lover and like listening...