Garvan Acoustic Loudspeakers: our people and our products

When purchasing a product by Garvan Acoustic, the focus is usually on the technical aspects and the technological innovations, as Garvan Acoustic means above all made in Italy products, crafted by artisans of the sound.

What lays behind Garvan Acoustic’s loudspeakers?

In addition to our acoustic loudspeakers, this post will tell you about our people, working every day for the innovation of the brand.

Working at Garvan Acoustic means above all living the company, with simplicity and passion, because the people behind the Garvan Acoustic brand are professionals who love music and well-played sounds.

Much of our commitment aims at reaching the highest performance of the sound, so we take great care of all the phases of the production of the individual components that make up an acoustic loudspeaker, as well as in the assembly and testing processes.

For instance, each speaker is individually tested and signed by the technician who carries out the test: thus, we are sure that everything is under control and we hold the same manufacturing process, characterized by the high standards of Italian craftsmanship

The Garvan Acoustic team also loves to try new experiences: this is why we always carefully select new partners and new ways to do business, to improve our products, entering new markets or implementing new solutions for professionals, from the installers, to the architects, to private customers.

There are still many things we could say about the Garvan Acoustic trademark and the people who live the company every day, but here’s for you to find out more: view and download our corporate presentation here.

We look forward to meeting you: contact us for advice, we are at your complete disposal.

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