Garvan SIC119: in-wall speaker for plasterboard

Garvan SIC119: in-wall speaker for plasterboard

The SIC119 in-wall speaker for plasterboard is specially designed for a perfect fusion of sound and architecture.

Uncompromising plastic-free structure for a premium listening experience and permanent quality. Flush-mounted in the wall, with endless finishes and personalisations. Unparalleled versatility and easy installation.

Every electronic component used in Garvan Acoustic speaker’s crossover filters is best-quality and specially made for Hi Fi audio applications. This choice rewards the audio playing quality. The sound is lighter, the acoustic scene is deeper, more natural and realistic.

The speaker’s components (speakers, crossover filter, cabinet and accessories) are designed by Garvan Acoustic and entirely produced in Italy. This choice ensures the compliance with specifications and full control of the process, for higher reliability and audio performances.

Garvan Acoustic’s speakers are tested one by one. Every original package contains its own certification issued by our technicians. Individual tests ensure low child mortality and increase the speaker’s reliability.

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