Soundproof panels

Soundproof panels


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Soundproof wall panels are used to acoustically insulate rooms and they are often confused with sound-absorbing panels, which are used to correct and improve a room’s acoustics.

Among the areas where these panels are commonly used, we find home cinemas, recording studios, conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, waiting rooms, and gyms. In these areas, noise can be annoying and distract people from their activities, making it difficult to concentrate or communicate. Soundproof panels help create a quieter and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Garvan Acoustic is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality sound-absorbing panels. Their product range is designed to meet any room’s needs: from home cinemas to recording studios and conference rooms. Garvan Acoustic manufactures its panels directly, without using contractors from abroad, thus ensuring the quality and safety of their products.

One of the unique features of the Garvan Acoustic panels are their special finishes, namely Materica Cement TM and Materica Wall TM. The company developed these in-house to provide its panels with a unique and original aesthetic. With these finishes, soundproof panels can also become design pieces, beside being used to reduce noise.

In conclusion, acoustic correction panels are an excellent solution to improve the acoustic quality of rooms and create a more comfortable environment for everyone. Garvan Acoustic is a leading manufacturer of this type of panel, offering a range of high-quality products as well as unique and special finishes to meet any environment’s needs.

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