Acoustic Parquet™

Acoustic panels ACOUSTIC PARQUET™

Acoustic Parquet™ acoutic panels are part of the Architectural Acoustic Solution collection. The collection is the result of 15 years constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.
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The acoustic panels ACOUSTIC PARQUET™ are an acoustic wall covering with a look&feel inspired by floors with wooden slats. They guarantee an aesthetic result without compromise, thanks to the variety of formats and finishes and the possibility of positioning the slats according to your needs.

Choose among a wide range of fabrics, which provide an incredible tactile experience as well as a variety of interior design options. The acoustic panels are also available in 4 material finishes suggesting a concrete effect. These finishes are obtained through an exclusive manufacturing and painting process that does not alter the properties of the polyester fibre.

Acoustic Parquet™ reduces the noise and reverberation generated in indoor environments, thus allowing guests to enjoy a nice and clear talk undisturbed. The acoustic panels are also the perfect option for interior design. In fact, they guarantee maximum integrability, a wide choice of finishes and easy installation.