Choose acoustic wellness: choose Garvan
20 January 2022
Choose acoustic well-being: choose Garvan

Choose the freedom to have a silent and noiseless environment thanks to the sound absorbing panels by Garvan Acoustic. Find out more!

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Trennwände Area Garvan
1 October 2020
Multiple applications for AREA partition panels

Thanks to the bespoke design, high quality construction and attention to detail Made in Italy, the AREA partition panels can be placed on the wall, ceiling or desk to improve...

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25 September 2020
Partition panels AREA™ in plexiglass or sound-absorbing polyester fiber

The partition panels AREA™ are manufactured in plexiglass or sound-absorbing polyester fiber, and stand out thanks to their exclusive Made in Italy design, as well as to their high customizability....

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25 September 2020
Cinema Behind the Scenes: the Dolby Atmos room

Find out how Faenza's CineDream Multiplex Dolby Amtmos room was created. Projectionist Paolo Martinengo tells us in detail by showing the placement of acoustic speakers, screen and emotions that Dolby...

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19 September 2020
Collection CORO. Easy installation and superior audio quality.

Easy installation and superior audio quality: the loudspeakers of the collection CORO integrate organically and elegantly in every environment. Installation by our authorized dealer CAT Bertozzi https://www.garvanacoustic.com/en/collections/collection-coro/

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31 August 2020
Garvan Acoustic’s outdoor speakers are the best solution to give sound to your outdoor spaces

Garvan's outdoor loudspeakers are the best solution to give sound to outdoor spaces such as gardens, parks, and pools. With the model Garvan SA210, SN115, and SA210 we realized a...

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How do films get to cinemas
26 August 2020
Cinema behind the scenes: how do movies get to cinemas

Paolo Martinengo, projectionist at CineDream Multiplex Faenza explains in detail the process of movie distribution and how they get to cinemas.

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Sound absorbing panels by Garvan Acoustic
14 August 2020
Do you want to reduce noise and reverberation in style?

Do you want to reduce noise and reverberation in style? Choose Garvan's sound absorbing panels, where design and attention to detail meet with a high sound absorption capacity. Learn more...

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1 January 2020
Why the sound of water makes us feel good

A Live Science study has found that the sound of water coming from the sea, a stream or a waterfall is perceived by our brain as non-threatening. On the contrary,...

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17 December 2019
Young Enterprise Award between innovation and the future

Garvan premiata tra le aziende eccellenti della Provincia di Ravenna distintesi per crescita economica, occupazionale, innovazione e qualità.

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