Environmental noise in the office reduces productivity by 66%

Environmental noise in the office reduces productivity by 66%


In open-space offices environmental noise can be experienced as a frequent issue, causing a reduction in productivity by 66%

Open-spaces in offices are large environments shared by many people: on one hand they favour collaboration, sharing and the exchange of ideas between colleagues.

On the other hand, people working in open-spaces could lack come privacy and could experience difficulty in concentrating, because of a moving environment, where there is continuous talking between colleagues and high background noise. This happens especially if no acoustic treatment of the working environments has been carried out.

All this translates into noise pollution: a shared space creates an acoustic overload given by continuous talking among people and noises, such as the ringing of the telephone or the printer in operation.

Workers decrease their productivity by 66% when in the nearby space there is a colleague talking at the phone or to someone colleague or customer.

According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is today a widespread problem at a global level and one of the tasks of CEOs and human resources managers should be to limit its consequences in the workplace.

So, if you are considering updating your open space or building a new one, it is important you design it paying attention to the acoustics, and therefore install ing suitable acoustic correction systems.

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