Garvan On-Wall Speakers

Garvan On-Wall Speakers


On-Wall loudspeakers!
It is a solution that is often used for the internal design of homes, both for their user-friendly installation and for their optimal use.

Their installation is particularly easy: you just need to bring the audio cable near the speaker and carry out the installation using wall plasterboard plugs.

On-Wall loudspeakers are often used for multiroom projects, where the sound is brought all around the house, and for Home Theater installations, for which the sound system is designed around the TV.

With the models of the Garvan Coro series it is possible to create small multiroom systems as well as large home theater projects.

Garvan On-Wall speakers are all made of steel and feature an acoustic treatment carried out to dampen cabinet vibrations. They are available with steel finishes, Corten, gold, copper bronze effect, and are painted in various colors.

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