sound absorbing panels Garvan Atelier

ATELIER™ sound-absorbing panels

Atelier decorative sound-absorbing panels are part of the Architectural Acoustic Solution collection. The collection is the result of 15 years of constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.

ATELIER™ collection features decorative acoustic panels manufactured according to the best Italian sartorial excellence. The panels are tailor-made and feature the utmost attention to detail. The fabric covering the surface also covers the side surfaces and adds to the product a customised and unique mood, particularly suitable for interior design.

Atelier™ is the most adaptable collection of our production. The acoustic panels can be made-manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses to create exclusive architectural effects. In addition, the special texture of the fabrics enhances the surface texture and makes it combinable with any spatial solution to suits every decorative need.

The CinemAtelier™ collection combines Atelier™ decorative acoustic panels with the high fidelity of Garvan speakers. The sound-absorbing panels to be hanged next to or under the TV integrate feature integrated speakers, for a customised sound solution for your TV.
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