13 December 2021

  Garvan Acoustic sound-absorbing panels arrived in the studio of the famous Youtuber Jakidale for a project of acoustic correction...

29 October 2018
D-Perf Air Garage

D-Perf Air Garage Garvan’s “Drop” speakers, made in Faenza ceramics, set the sound inside the exclusive, futuristic creative workshop D-Perf...

29 October 2018
Viarossa – Fusignano

Viarossa - Fusignano Healthy air diffusion and quality sound diffusion in a single solution. Garvan has created a new loudspeaker,...

29 October 2018
IBM – Roma

IBM - Rome  The IBM Software Executive Briefing Center in Rome has undergone a complete renovation designed by Italian Architect Massimo Iosa...

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