How we solved the reverberation problem @ Alexide

How we solved the reverberation problem @ Alexide

Reverberation Issues

Our goal, at Garvan, is to improve your audio experience, whether you’re listening to your favorite music, watching a movie or recording in a studio. Today, we’d like to introduce a fundamental concept in the world of audio – reverberation.

What is Reverberation

Reverberation is an acoustic phenomenon that occurs when a sound or signal is reflected by a surface and mixes with the original sound, creating an extension of it after the original source has stopped emitting the sound. In simpler terms , it’s the “rumbling” effect we usually hear in a large room, a church or a stairwell.

The Issue

Alexide’s open space before the acoustic correction intervention had a reverberation time 2,2 seconds resulting in a unpleasant workspace. Wall-mounted and suspended sound-absorbing Garvan Surface panels have been used to overcome the acoustic problem. Reverberation time with sound absorbing panels 0.9 seconds.

Watch Alessandro Fagioli, Co-founder of Alexide, Cesena-based software development company, talking about Garvan panels.

The Product

The Surface™ sound-absorbing panel is part of the Acoustic Solution collection. The collection is the result of 15 years of constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.

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