Surface™ sound absorbing panel

The Surface™ sound absorbing panel is part of the collection Acoustic Solution. The collection is the result of 15 years constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.

Surface™ sound absorbing panel is an acoustic coating inspired by slabs for the cladding of large buildings. One of our goals was to go beyond the offer of a common fabric finish, to develop lines of panels conveying an exclusive material effect. The Surface™ collection is therefore available in the special MatericaCEMENT™ finish with a concrete effect.

The MatericaCEMENT™ finish is the result of an in-depth research activity on polyester fibre and its possibilities of combination with other elements that do not alter its sound absorption capacity. Surface™ is also available in NCS paintings or high resolution graphic printing. Moreover, the panel can be combined with fabrics, to create the perfect solution for any need. A 60 degree cut of the edges completes the sound absorbing panel with optimal lightness.

Surface™ reduces the noise and reverberation generated in indoor environments, thus allowing guests to enjoy a nice and clear talk undisturbed. The panels are also the perfect option for interior design. In fact, they guarantee maximum integrability, a wide choice of finishes and easy installation.

Sound-absorbing panels for desks and floors

The allure and brightness of an open space, without sacrificing the silence and discretion of a room. In this desk version, the minimal design and Materica CEMENT™ finishes of the SURFACE™ collection guarantee acoustic comfort and a delightful look for a pleasantly efficient work area. Shaped with orthogonal or oblique cuts, and custom sizes, the panel is supported by small steel brackets (available in RAL colours) that can be fixed to a work surface or left re-positionable, guaranteeing modularity for co-working and versatile spaces. Also available in a free standing version.


New graphic prints “Marble” effect

Marble veins embellished with gold veins, geological wonders that hint at incredible universes, iridescent liquids that float in the cosmos like notes in search of an impossible pentagram. The high-resolution prints of the MARBLE collection set sail from the plausible towards oceans of the unimaginable, with evocative, bewitching patterns, capable of surprising you at every turn. With custom sizes, printed on fabric or directly on polyester fibre, these sound-absorbing solutions will embellish any space or environment. The same printing technology allows the reproduction, on request, of any high-definition image you might want.


New graphic prints – Garvan Art Collection

Perfection to listen to, beauty to see: the numbered, limited edition reproductions of the Garvan Art™ collection represent the quintessence of Made in Italy. Art come together with technology at the cutting edge of sound absorption. Masterpieces dedicated to sound and its purity, the works of the Faenza artist Maria Savini, with material and impetuous traits, come to life with every listen, creating an enveloping visual narrative, giving form to unique moments and environments.