Surface™ sound absorbing panel

The Surface™ sound absorbing panel is part of the collection Acoustic Solution. The collection is the result of 15 years constant acoustic innovation, aiming at offering the best acoustic comfort solution to any environment.

Surface™ sound absorbing panel is an acoustic coating inspired by slabs for the cladding of large buildings. One of our goals was to go beyond the offer of a common fabric finish, to develop lines of panels conveying an exclusive material effect. The Surface™ collection is therefore available in the special MatericaCEMENT™ finish with a concrete effect.

The MatericaCEMENT™ finish is the result of an in-depth research activity on polyester fibre and its possibilities of combination with other elements that do not alter its sound absorption capacity. Surface™ is also available in NCS paintings or high resolution graphic printing. Moreover, the panel can be combined with fabrics, to create the perfect solution for any need. A 60 degree cut of the edges completes the sound absorbing panel with optimal lightness.

Surface™ reduces the noise and reverberation generated in indoor environments, thus allowing guests to enjoy a nice and clear talk undisturbed. The panels are also the perfect option for interior design. In fact, they guarantee maximum integrability, a wide choice of finishes and easy installation.

Graphic patterns are available to be printed on our sound-absorbing panels. Patterns are a repetition of one or more design elements.
An acoustic panel with a pattern print can be placed next to an identical one, in order to create a seamless pattern over the entire surface.